The 159 Sexiest Katy Perry Pictures On The Internet

The 159 Sexiest Katy Perry Pictures On The Internet

Katy Perry is the hottest singer in the world.

In her early days, Katy was singing gospel and released her first album modestly titled “Katy Hudson”.

Katy owes her fame to the song “I Kissed a Girl”, from the album “One of the Boys”. That song single-handedly pulled Katy into stardom! Her following albums were named “Teenage Dream” and “Prism”.

She is one of the best-selling artists of all time, and was featured in the Forbes list of “Top-Earning Women In Music” for three consecutive years.

It’s also funny to note that Katy released 2 fragrances under her own name: “Purr, Meow!” and “Killer Queen”.

If you’re not convinced yet that Katy Perry is one of the hottest women to ever exist, just wait until you see the sexy Katy Perry pictures in this gallery.

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