The 137 Funniest Dog GIFs Ever

The 137 Funniest Dog GIFs Ever

Dogs are definitely the funniest animals on the planet.

Did you know that dogs are the second most popular species of animals on the internet (behind cats)?

How could you not love humans’ best friends? There is something about them that touches our heart directly, and they always manage to make us laugh with their reactions.

There is so much information about dogs on the internet that you could be totally overwhelmed in a matter of minutes hen you search for information about them.

And you can learn a lot of surprising facts about dogs…

For example, did you know that the average dog is capable of understanding up to 250 words and gestures? Did you know that they can count to 5 and that they can perform basic mathematical calculations?

This is just how awesome dogs are!

Now, today’s subject is not to discuss how intelligent our four-legged best buddies are, but rather focus on their more goofy side… And how funny dogs can be.

It’s time to share a good laugh together by watching some funny dogs GIFs.

Since we know that your time is valuable, we took on our time to watch every single dog GIF that we could find on the internet, and keep only the funniest for you.

Have a good time while browsing our massive collection of funny dog GIFs.

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