The 205 Best Dog GIFs You Will Ever See

The 205 Best Dog GIFs You Will Ever See

Dogs are human’s best friends!

We all love them.

Did you know that dogs were the first domesticated animals in the history of mankind?

Dogs have been used for centuries for hunting or working, and also as simple pets.

It’s mind-blowing to learn that there are currently between 700 million and one billion dogs on the planet. As a result, dogs are the largest species of predators in the worlds.

While they were vastly used as hunting weapons in the beginning, dogs have now become more peaceful pets, and they share little traits with their wolves ancestors.

Evolution in dog training and cross-breeding has led to the development of dogs as ideal companions for the whole family. And it is not rare for dogs to be considered as part of the family.

The social value of dogs in families cannot be put into question anymore. Through numerous studies, dogs have been proven to be a valuable resource. Members of the family talk to the dog, or talk through the dog to mediate their interactions with each other.

Dogs are so popular that we decided to compile a very nice gallery of the best dog GIFs to entertain you.

Have a good time exploring this collection of GIFs where you will see the good, the bad, the sneaky and the clumsy!

What about you check these best dog GIFs now?

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