The 214 Best Animated Cat GIFs On The Internet

The 214 Best Animated Cat GIFs On The Internet

Animated cat GIFs are the reason why the internet was invented.

Cats are the comedians of the animal world, and animated gifs are the best way to enjoy their many talents.

For example, did you ever look at a gif of a cat falling?

A falling cat can usually right itself. The head will rotate first, the spine will twist, and the rear legs will align. Then the can will arch its back to lessen the impact of the landing.

Cats that don’t have a tail are the exception since a cat moves its tail and relies on conservation of angular momentum to setup for landing.

It’s also interesting to note that cats choose who they bond with. It cannot be forced. So if you are the chosen one for a cat, embrace it as a gift! You have your cat’s love.

All that being said, cats are really more enjoyable in GIF form. This is how you will appreciate how curious, playful, mysterious and cuddly they are.

We know how valuable your time is, so we decided to compile all the best animated cat gifs in one convenient gallery. Browse through that collection and appreciate our four-legged friends.

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